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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Tiny Fires has produced a haunting self-titled debut album filled with dreamy melodies and wistful lyrics. Bandmates Dylan Metrano and Guy Capecelatro III have clearly used years of knowledge and strong musicality to help create an inventive and infectious collection of songs. The seven tracks seductively woo the listener in, resulting in an addictive yet calming experience. While many of the songs feature notably strong and aesthetically pleasing harmonies, there is an archaic feel to the production as a whole, as they evoke emotion through voice and instrument alike.

As glistening guitars and melodic drumming are strong elements throughout the album, listeners are either eerily entranced or comfortably lulled by the songs. Surprise elements to tracks such as “Sinner Man,” and “Dreaming through Days” incorporate spoken pros and carnival-like melodies. “Dreaming through Days” is an almost ideal, innocent contrast to the reflective and poetic “Beacon” – a piano-filled, chant-like manifestation of times passed.

A particularly noteworthy track is “Wild at Heart,” a shimmering, guitar-based ballad of a girl named Jane. With a chorus that rhythmically croons, “She’s a blackheart, she’s a heartbreaker, she’s wild at heart / To know, know, know / To love, love, love / That was her art,” the song tells a mantra-like story of death and lost youth. Like the rest of the tracks on their record, “Wild at Heart” gives listeners yet another original taste of Tiny Fires’ truly skilled and innovative sound. (Burst and Bloom Records)


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