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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Indie kids and stylish dressers alike are used to collecting T-shirts from their favorite musicians. As a staple to any band’s collection of merchandise, it’s easy for listeners to hoard their favorite T’s, stamped with the name of great musicians. Yet, what happens after the designs run out, and fans are left asking for more? Cue the Yellow Bird Project: a nonprofit Montreal- based organization, which seeks to work with indie music groups in creating original T-shirt designs.

“Our goal is to raise money for charitable organizations, whilst raising
awareness for the music we love,” said Yellow Bird contact Bobbie Gale.  “Artwork is the bridge that enables us to achieve this. By bringing together bands, illustrators, and charities alike, we have been able to engage fans, who now have the chance to help make a difference by endorsing the things that they love.”

Recently, the Yellow Bird Project has looked to the likes of Bloc Party, Grizzly Bear, and Metric, to create unique looks through their organization. Fans of Bloc Party will find one of the newest designs to be a simple landscape view, described as having “wispy clouds scatter the sky,” and a “breeze gently rustles the summer leaves.” Grizzly Bear listeners will see a thought-provoking print of all types of wheels, the idea of which circling back to the band’s attempt to move forward with creating awareness of global warming. Metric fans are given a poetic treat, encouraging them to support Musicounts: a nonprofit that promotes musical education across Canada.

Visitors are also able to search the site by cause specified by the musicians. All T-shirts are priced at $25. For more information, visit their website and blog, at and


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