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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

When you’re an unsigned band looking for recognition, certain promotional techniques are a given. From little aspects such as T-shirts and posters, to booking shows, distributing music, and creating online outlets, bands are doing whatever they can to get their name and music out there. Yet, among the thousands of unsigned artists floating in the sea of MySpace accounts and open-mike nights, there happens to be an innovative new tool to attract fans and gamers alike to seemingly play your music right along with you and your band mates: through the new Rock Band Network.

Rock Band Network made simple is essentially a three step process: a set of authoring tools made available to the musician, a submission process built around Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and an upcoming store named the Rock Band Network Music Store, which will be designed to store hosted indie tracks. Interested artists will be surprised to find that membership to the Rock Band Network is free, yet users will need a $99/year XNA Creators’ Club Premium account to both submit or test their music. However, after obtaining membership to the XNA Creator’s Club, members will be able to peer review others’ music without limitation, in exchange for feedback. This peer-review process allows for the Rock Band Network to gauge a band’s potential through this particular type of process, making for a truly talented group of musicians to be featured on the Rock Band Network.

While the list of required technologies and software is extensive, the payout for aspiring artists is undoubtedly rewarding. Those looking to join the Rock Band Network will need to have access to an Xbox 360, a copy of the Reaper software, a set of free plug-ins for Reaper for RBN, the XNA account, and either a Windows PC or Mac. Yet, after obtaining all that is needed to feature your music on the game, artists will be able to set their own pricing of their music, while receiving 30 percent royalties on everything they sell.


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