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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Building on their unremitting energy and youthful ambition, Light The City’s sophomore album, It All Starts Here, once again showcases the band’s infectious and bop-along sound. While some may initially mistake the band for just another overtly emotional, teenage sing-along, It All Starts Here sets them apart through the use of clever lyrics and skillful production. Filled with contagious, guitar-based melodies colorfully mixed with lead singer Elijah Orbea’s commanding voice, listeners can expect an overall heartfelt sound. The band pays particular attention to mixing and production, allowing them to create differing yet complementary tracks. A play-through of one song will without a doubt require a second listen and after a third play-through of tracks such as “Your Show is Over” and “I Won’t Sleep Through This,” consider yourself sold. Available as a free download on the band’s PureVolume page, the first single released off of It All Starts Here, “Let Your Body Breathe,” seemingly captures the passion of Light the City through one song. With poignant lyrics such as, “Take down the walls you’ve placed around yourself / and let your body breathe,” the track perfectly blends their vivacious sound with compelling lyrics beyond their years. (self-released)


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