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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

In 2001, the highly renowned Berklee School of Music launched its online program of classes entitled Berkleemusic. Students looking to educate themselves on the digital advances within the music business, now had access to over 130 online programs, with courses ranging from ‘Online Music Marketing’ and ‘Music Business’ to ‘Slap Bass’ and “Pop and Rock Vocals.’  While the obvious digital connection allows participants to attend Berklee from the comfort of home, students are also being exposed to new methods of performing, marketing, and business ventures all within a current, digital setting.

Since its commencement nine years ago, Berkleemusic has educated the likes of Saosin members, as well as Sugarland tour affiliates. In addition, over 20,000 students from over 80 countries worldwide have attended Berklee music online. Differing members within the music community, such as Grammy winners, entrepreneurs, writers, managers, publishers, and artists have all taken advantage of this convenient form of music education.

Since 2001, the growth of Berkleemusic has been astounding. “It was years in development [before 2001],” said Chief Marketing Director of Berklee Media, Barry Kelly. “There were four people working to develop the school, which initially began with only four courses.”

Found on their website are a multitude of options for prospective students to learn about the Berkleemusic program. Online tours, sample courses, and online scholarship plans are all part of the program’s makeup, as well as individualized 12-week classes, which offer either basic courses or multi-course certificate programs. Within these classes, students have the option of focusing on a broad range of subject matter, from Music Production and Songwriting, to Voice and Theory, Harmony & Ear Training.

Kelly worked first hand in developing both Berkleemusic as well as the Berkleemusic Network: a social network in which all Berklee students can interact. “The network includes deeper features for online students,” Kelly said specifically of Berkleemusic students. “We just finished the beta version of the network, which offers fantastic benefits to its users.” In addition to the 20,000 students enrolled in Berklee’s online program, over 300,000 collective students are using the social network. “Students can also network to finds gigs, jobs, etc.,” said Kelly.

While being at Berklee in person can be a viable experience for any student, Berkleemusic holds other benefits exclusive to its online education. “Both [experiences at Berklee] have specific merits,” said Kelly. “It’s incredible. While you can obviously meet other people physically at Berklee, Berkleemusic allows you to be connected in a class of 20 other students around the world, as well as teachers.” These online classes also allow students to engage in weekly live chat sessions, where they are given the opportunity to interact with their peers from around the world.


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