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Music Notes

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Singer songwriter Alicia Wiley is one of the few who effortlessly seemed to put pure poetry to music. Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, Wiley’s newest album “Halfway Home” is a catchy version of a stereotypical coffee house soundtrack, only better. Her masterful piano playing is the perfect backing to Wiley’s cultured voice and calming demeanor. While the majority of Wiley’s singles posted on her Myspace are soft and easy tunes, interesting twists to her soothing sound  include “Flame” and “Spell.”


While the identical duo known as Tegan and Sara are anything but new artists, their music has a continuously catchy feel and tends to be the epitome of a mellow and understated sound. Some of their most recognizable singles include “Back in Your Head” and “Speak Slow,” but most recently, their newest album “Sainthood” has once again delivered to fans their classic light ad poppy sound. Above is the video from the first single from “Sainthood” entitled “Hell.”

Breanne duren 2American singer Breanne Düren hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is accumulating a growing fan base through her relationship with another up and coming artist, Owl City. This dainty crooner is reminiscent of Michelle Branch and Sara Bareillis, while her light, piano and cello-backed tunes make up for a gentle yet catchy sound. Folk and jazz inspirations add to a mellow and creative collection of songs written by Düren and are available through her Myspace. Favorite tracks include as “Black Coffee” and “They Call Me October.”

Welsh singer songwriter Aimee Ann Duffy, better known by her stage name Duffy, released her debut album in 2008. “Rockferry” entered the UK Album Chart at number one, while also claiming the title of best selling album in the United Kingdom in 2008.

duffyNotable singles from “Rockferry” include the catchy tune “Mercy,” which is described as both autobiographical to Duffy, as well as a musical form of “sexual liberty.” “Warwick Avenue,” and “Stepping Stone” are also two other note worthy singles, both of which are reminiscent of earlier periods of self discovery in the life of Duffy.

As the single “Mercy” continued on to gain her a large amount of success and recognition, Duffy went on to perform on tours such as the South by South West Conference (SXSW) and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, where her fame continued to grow.

A particularly special perk known only to Duffy, was the opportunity to pick a variant of Daffodil grown by the Really Welsh Trading Company to be named after her. The flower was coined “Duffydil,” and the singer expressed much excitement over this unusual honor.

“The Duffydil, brilliant! Maybe now I can forgive myself for stealing them from people’s gardens!”