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Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Monthly Archives: March 2009

thetingtingstingtings1While it has been argued that British based bands surpass American music in terms of relevance, the Ting Tings bridged the creative gap between the British and U.S. music scene. With a unique sound still gaining popularity with U.S. listeners, the Ting Tings have recently added stops in America on their tour, including a recent stop in Hartford, Connecticut.

Described as a band created for pure fun, members Katie White and Jules De Martino soon formed the Ting Tings with the help of a Mandarin term referring to

“band stand” or “the sound of innovation or an open mind.” White remembers coining the name. “I thought it was lovely,” she said. “Like the ‘ting’ you here when you get an idea.”

The Ting Tings were voted number three on BBC’s “Top Ten to Watch in 2008,” where the annual listing of up and coming British bands described the Ting Tings as, “one of the most credible and critically acclaimed groups on the indie scene.”

With the help of the latest technology and the desire for new musical ground, the Ting Tings use synthesized percussion and electronic equipment to create songs. Designers Betsy Johnson and Dolce & Gabbana have also featured the Ting Tings’s recent hit, “That’s Not My Name,” during shows produced during New York Fashion Week. Other recognizable hits include “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” “Fruit Machine,” and “Great DJ.”

Five singles from their debut album “We Started Nothing” have acquired over 22,000,000 hits on their Myspace. With occurring blips on MTV and VH1, the fame and popularity of this two person British band is undoubtedly on the rise.